Martha kept vigil at the window watching out at the water looking for her husband’s ship. At night, she would leave a candle in the window so her husband could find his way home. One day, Martha received the news she had never wanted to hear. Her husband had been killed in battle and Martha could not accept this. Legend has it that Martha retreated to her room and died in there of a broken heart. Martha’s room is called the Somerset Room, and today is a beautiful dining area. This dining area is believed to be haunted by her spirit. People have reported seeing Martha’s silhouette in the window, as well as a figure walking around in the front part of the inn. Workers at the restaurant have reported strange noises and locked doors opening on their own. There is an oil painting of Martha that hangs in the first floor hallway of the original part of the mansion. This portrait has been involved in paranormal activities. When construction for the mansion began, workers would hear noises from the original part of the mansion. A few days into the construction, the portrait mysteriously went on fire. No one knows for sure how this happened since there was nothing that seemed to spark the fire. The burn marks can still be seen on the bottom of the painting. People believe that the noises and the fire was Martha trying to show her disapproval of the new renovations that were being made to the mansion. Real Haunting's investigated the inn, and experienced some very strange events. Camera’s that were set up in Martha’s room would not work for some reason. Upon entering the hallway from the bedroom, the camera would then instantly work. Photos taken reveal only one orb, which would make sense since Martha is the only spirit that is believed to haunt the inn. EVP captured opening and closing of the closet door in Martha’s room, as well as a woman’s voice whispering “Listen.” One final strange event that the Old Bermuda Inn offers is that every night, one light on the chandelier hanging from the first floor the chandelier will never shutoff, even if the power is cut.